Current Work

ChildObesity180’s work includes projects and initiatives across the lifespan, addressing the complex drivers of childhood obesity at all stages of life and in the places and spaces where children and adolescents live, learn, and play. In addition, our research seeks to identify, develop, and apply innovative tools and methods to better understand and address the complex factors that influence children’s health and well being.

Catalyzing Communities to Prevent Obesity

Catalyzing Communities develops deep and meaningful relationships with community partners, using facilitation and evaluation techniques grounded in systems science to help them mobilize a core group of multisector leaders to improve the health of their community.

Data for All: Empowering Communities to Improve Health

Through this project, ChildObesity180 has begun development of a sophisticated, responsive, and innovative technological platform that will give communities power to generate, integrate, analyze, share, interpret, and communicate their own data to drive lasting improvements in community health.

Evaluating Physical Activity in School-Based Programs

This study is evaluating physical activity programs in Boston public schools, advancing understanding of whether such programs reach children equitably as well as how the COVID-19 pandemic has influenced programs’ reach, effectiveness, and implementation practices.

The FEED Study

The FEED Study is a pilot study in partnership with Tufts Medical Center that aims to investigate the association between maternal feeding styles during infancy and infant adiposity.

Healthy Ways Replication

ChildObesity180 is partnering with the Harlem Children’s Zone to replicate Healthy Ways, a program empowering youth, families, and the broader community to adopt lifelong, healthy habits.