Current Work

ChildObesity180’s work includes projects and initiatives across the lifespan, addressing the complex drivers of childhood obesity at all stages of life and in the places and spaces where children and adolescents live, learn, and play. In addition, our research seeks to identify, develop, and apply innovative tools and methods to better understand and address the complex factors that influence children’s health and well being.

Healthy Ways Replication

ChildObesity180 is partnering with the Harlem Children’s Zone to replicate Healthy Ways, a program empowering youth, families, and the broader community to adopt lifelong, healthy habits.

Tufts Longitudinal Health Study

Building on a 1999-2008 longitudinal study that explored health behaviors and outcomes among more than 4,600 Tufts University students, this research is now engaging alumni to advance understanding of the relationships between health behaviors in the college years and outcomes in later adulthood.