Tufts Institute for Global Obesity Research (TIGOR)

Rates of obesity continue to increase in every country worldwide, and over 40% of adults and 19% of children in the US now have obesity. This is a global crisis not only because obesity causes premature death and serious health problems, including diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and stroke, but also because obesity is an underlying driver of an even broader set of societal problems, including high rates of disability, inefficiency and absenteeism in the workforce, rising health care costs, stigmatization, and bullying.

The Tufts Institute for Global Obesity Research (TIGOR) brings together faculty, post docs, and graduate students from across the University and Tufts Medical Center to work collectively to address the global obesity crisis. Their collective expertise in intervention research, biomedical sciences, active citizenship, and global connections are critical to building an innovative obesity collaborative. Together, Tufts University and Tufts Medical Center, with their strengths in obstetrics, pediatrics, and obesity treatment, play a central role in preventing and reversing obesity to create a healthier, more productive population with important benefits for local communities, global economies, and planetary health. 

To learn more about the work that TIGOR researchers are doing and find out about upcoming events, visit the TIGOR web site.