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ChildObesity180 is guided by a lofty and ambitious vision: to create a world where all children thrive with the support of families and communities that embrace a culture of health. To that end, we employ a strategic, coordinated, evidence-based approach to develop, evaluate, and scale interventions that address childhood obesity and the complex factors driving inequities in child health.

ChildObesity180’s goal is to reach children and young adults in America from birth to age 21 years, as well as their families and caregivers. We are intentional and strategic in our work to creative positive change for those children living in communities experiencing economic disadvantage and those who are disproportionately at risk for developing obesity.

ChildObesity180 is committed to achieving this goal by:

  • conducting rigorous and sound evaluations to identify and document success
  • disseminating evidence and best practices to a wide range of audiences including academics, decision-makers, community members, and thought leaders
  • developing and maintaining partnerships that allow us to advance our work
  • training undergraduate, masters-level and doctoral students to become the future stewards of the work and leaders in the field
  • building capacity among our implementation partners – and the communities where they work – for integrating new methods and perspectives
  • empowering communities to create healthy environments where all children can thrive

At ChildObesity180, we understand that these different facets of success work in service of our broader vision to positively impact all people’s lives by improving the conditions that drive health outcomes and by addressing systemic inequities that drive disparities.

We welcome your support to help us continue this important work.

For more information about ways you can partner with us to support this critical work, please contact Cindy Tobin-Briggs, Senior Director of Development and Alumni Relations, at 617-636-0962 or