Culture & Values


We are committed to creating a world where all children thrive with the support of families and communities that embrace a culture of health equity.


We act with purpose and believe we will have a positive impact on children across the globe. We work to generate, translate, and disseminate evidence that moves science and practice forward. We share this evidence with our partners and believe that by putting data into their hands we can amplify the collective impact of our work.


We foster teamwork, embrace all aspects of diversity, and value the contributions of team members equally. We strive to build future leaders through mentorship and professional development.


We encourage innovative thinking in an inclusive space where ideas and action lead to effective and sustainable change. We strive for transparency and open communication and operate with a sense of community and flexibility that builds trust and supports creativity.


We hold ourselves accountable to our multi-sectoral partners. Their collaboration is essential and empowers us to do our best work and achieve our vision.