Funding Principles

ChildObesity180 has one mission: to reverse the trend in childhood obesity in the United States. From its inception, multi-sector collaboration has been one of the organization’s core values. We engage expertise, perspectives, and resources from diverse sectors in order to create and apply dynamic, interdisciplinary solutions to this epidemic.

Our commitment to this engagement guides our funding principles. It is our intention to have our work supported by a diverse portfolio of funding from foundations, government, the private sector, and individual philanthropists. ChildObesity180 understands that all such choices—whether to engage or not to engage with various funding partners—involve some risk. These include, but are not limited to, risks related to reputation, conflict of interest, and missed opportunities for impact.

Our funding principles were developed to minimize risk and maximize impact.

The following four principles guide our considerations for funding:

1. Preventing childhood obesity is a complex, systemic challenge. Our evidence-based approach is a core pillar of all ChildObesity180 efforts. We take great care to safeguard the scientific integrity and objectivity of our research and initiatives. All support that we accept adheres to the guidelines and procedures of Tufts University and is transparent, acknowledged and appropriately recognized. Support and partnerships will never compromise our scientific integrity, including the control of research studies and the freedom and obligation to publish our findings.

2. ChildObesity180 only accepts funds for activities that are consistent with the organization’s mission and priorities. Interactions should enhance ChildObesity180’s ability to work toward preventing childhood obesity. No funding will be accepted that has the potential to be exploited in any way that is inconsistent with our goal.

3. We value and respect the unique perspectives of all of our stakeholders—including Tufts University, our funders, community and research partners, and others. Therefore, we seek input and counsel from relevant stakeholders when considering funding.

4. Prospective funders’ expectations regarding project implementation, outcomes, and recognition must follow ChildObesity180 and Tufts University established guidelines.