A Campaign to Empower Moms

You're the Mom empowers moms to take small steps to make healthy eating fun and easy for their kids. We’re celebrating moms for the important role they play in their families and community, and providing ideas and tips for making simple changes in their child’s eating habits in restaurants.

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Toolkit Overview

We're committed to reaching communities that are disproportionately affected by obesity. So we've created a free toolkit to enable you to bring You're the Mom to your area.

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Campaign Overview

Want to know more about the campaign, including how and why it was developed? Looking for materials that can easily be shared with partners to get them excited about You're the Mom? Click on the image to the left for an overview of the campaign. 

2016 Pilot Campaign

You're the Mom was piloted and evaluated in Springfield, Massachusetts thanks to a grant from The JPB Foundation. The campaign featured murals, billboards, bus advertisements, radio spots, a presence at community events, painted utility boxes, social media, digital ads, and a digital hub.


Murals were painted on the sides of two local businesses featuring two Springfield moms who are making healthier choices for their kids. These murals are the emotional anchor of the campaign, intended to drive home the empowerment theme:

Natalie Springfield mural

Jacqui mural



Billboards and Bus Advertisements

Billboards and bus interior advertisements were placed in high-traffic areas. We developed two overall themes to communicate our simple tips for making healthier choices: kid-size it and healthy hashtags

Kid-Size It - To get moms thinking about portion size, we created these executions to emphasize ordering meals from the kids' menu. They were produced in both English and Spanish:

Girl in oversized heels

Billboard Springfield Boy In Oversized Suit


Healthy Hashtags - We developed a series of hashtags that promote small steps towards building healthy habits that families can do every day. We encourage moms to use these hashtags online and share their healthy choices with other moms:

Milk Monday billboard

Water Wednesday

Apple Slice Saturday



Community Events

In partnership with several local community organizations, You're the Mom had a presence at community events throughout the summer including a community family day celebration, a back to school BBQ and backpack drive, and the Stone Soul Festival, a large three-day community-wide festival:

Stone Soul Festival booth

ChildObesity180's Linda Harelick with Liz O'Gilvie from the Springfield Food Policy Council at the Stone Soul Festival



Utility Boxes

As part of a city-wide beautification effort, a local artist painted two utility boxes in downtown Springfield:

Painted utility box side 1

Painted utility box side 2



Digital Hub

A digital hub served as a resource for moms. Here they could find facts and tips to help make simple changes to their kids' eating habits:

You're The Mom microsite


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