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ChildObesity180 creates and tests programs and materials that promote healthy eating and physical activity throughout a child's day. We especially focus on groups of children that are most at-risk for childhood obesity. Here are some ways to bring our programs to your community.







    Physical activity in school  
Healthy school breakfast
4-H, Scouts and similar programs
Youth sports
  Afterschool/summer programs 
Demand for healthy kids' meals
Availability of healthy kids' meals



Promote physical activity in school

  • Use our how-to videos to start a free or low-cost walking and running club at your school.
  • Download our 1st-6th grade lesson plans to apply math skills to physical activity.

Support healthy school breakfast

  • Learn about the benefits of a healthy school breakfast in our series of short videos.


 Out-of-School-Time Programs

Encourage kids to drink right, move more, and snack smart in:

4-H, Scouts, and similar programs

Youth sports

Afterschool and summer programs



Build demand for healthy kids' meals

  • Encourage restaurants to offer more healthy choices for kids. Our video and infographic show the benefits of healthy kids' menus.
  • Learn about our You’re the Mom campaign, visit the microsite and join the movement.
  • Share the You’re the Mom case study with advocates in your community.
  • Use our kids' infographic to talk with children about ordering healthy options in restaurants.

Increase healthy kids' meals