Breakfast Initiative

The Breakfast Initiative set out to answer important questions about an important meal. What is the best way to deliver a healthy school breakfast? And, how does a healthy school breakfast impact key measures for children, including weight status and academic outcomes? The initiative, which concluded its work in 2014, contributed to the evidence base by looking at the effect of an innovative delivery model, Breakfast in the Classroom; produced the Breakfast Effect video series to answer common questions about school breakfast; and gathered and shared critical resources for schools and advocates.

Breakfast Initiative


  • Convened group of national leaders working on school breakfast improvement, delivery, administration, and advocacy.
  • Studied the effect of Breakfast in the Classroom in a large, urban school district.
  • Produced innovative media assets to share study results and other critical information with researchers, school administrators, advocates, and partners.

Our Approach

Conducted large-scale, bilingual study on Breakfast in the Classroom.

Analyzed program effects on attendance, performance, and breakfast participation.

Examined stakeholder impressions of program implementation.

Advanced the evidence base on school breakfast.

Learn about the initiative goals, and the evidence and recommendations we used to develop them.