Evidence-Based Approach

ChildObesity180 is committed to developing, implementing, disseminating, and scaling up programs and practices that are research-informed and evidence-based to address the childhood obesity epidemic.

Research and Evaluation Activities

1. Utilizing Best Evidence

  • Synthesizing evidence from peer-reviewed publications and reports from reputable sources
  • Evaluating and applying best findings to develop and refine our practices

2. Conducting Research and Evaluation

  • Generating and utilizing data from multiple sources: original hypothesis-driven research, evaluation studies, and secondary data analyses
  • Creating and validating novel research tools and methods
  • Committing and adhering to rigorous study design, frameworks, and methodologies
  • Regularly evaluating our impact and using insights gained to adapt our approaches

3. Advancing the Field of Obesity Prevention

  • Disseminating evidence through publications and presentations
  • Broadening our reach through infographics, videos, and use of social media

4. Integrating Initiatives and Organizational Objectives

  • Collecting organization-wide impact metrics to measure combined impact and results
  • Developing internal guidelines and procedures to maintain rigor and focus on the evidence

5. Developing an Informed Workforce

  • Conducting professional development sessions for staff and students  
  • Training post-doctoral scholars, graduate students, and interns

6. Building and Evaluating Networks and Partnerships

  • Translating the evidence to engage a broad network of multi-sectors national leaders with evidence-based programs
  • Networking and fostering organizational partnership-building
  • Tracking and evaluating the impact of partnerships on the initiatives and organization