Breakfast Initiative

The Breakfast Initiative, which concluded its work in 2014, promoted a healthy school breakfast and evaluated its impact on several key measures for children, including obesity prevention. The initiative built the evidence base around the effect of an innovative school breakfast delivery model, Breakfast in the Classroom; produced the Breakfast Effect video series to answer common questions around the impact of school breakfast; and gathered resources for schools and advocates.

Breakfast Initiative


  • Evaluated the impact of Breakfast in the Classroom on school attendance, test scores, and more.
  • Produced the Breakfast Effect video series to highlight recent research in support of school breakfast.
  • Provided resources to support the adoption and expansion of school breakfast programs.

Our Approach

Researched and evaluated the Breakfast in the Classroom model.

Shared findings with policy-makers and school administrators.

Highlighted tools for expanding school breakfast.

Learn about the initiative goals, and the evidence and recommendations we used to develop them.